List of massacreted
Massaker from Ladorisht - Struge - Macedonia
happened at 28.10. 1944, is a crime of German national socialismus and theyr`s kolaborations.


The clarification the second world war are not clarified yet in detail, therefore the not yet mellow cases are still in treatment under projection of the suitable experts. In very good together work with suitable institutions we have just stored as a „massacre of Ladorisht“, so that it was put into archives Internationally under "Masakra e Ladorishtit", „Massacre by Ladorisht“ and "Massacre from Ladorisht"

… At last the trouth is late, but it comes to light …

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Original Documents

Ladorisht community: Strugë (Macedonian)
Inhabitant number: 4500 it would be without massacre ca. 11000
Inhabitants heights situation: 820 m o. sea.
Latitude: 41° 9` 51" north
Longitude: 20° 37` 23" East

At the 28. October 1944 were massacreed in village Ladorisht in the community Struga in south west of the
FYR of Macedonian
, more than 86 persons of Nazis shot, boy and old, man and woman of quite also children. These villages and its inhabitant became without there already several times up to that painful day, low burned and low shuted up however of the Serbian and the same army, in the year 1913. Yet it created brave custody and to survive laborious. The 28. of October is however very incomprehensible. Villagers were neither armed nor partisan hidden. At that day, the entire village in Ghetto early was changed and every blocks on and exit, according to surviving eyewitness. Every or each that into the across came was shot or rapes, by 3-year-old of boy Lena Ferit Eshref up to 81-year-old Collaku Tafil Miribane. Pain and sorrow of October 1944 never will forget we. To exercise such one annihilation nevertheless a massacre it is needs no chance it a certain time and a rash plan. Of this plan, we want to bring the youth organization of Ladorisht resident and lively in Switzerland more in experience. Previously brought our investigation much success however not entirely. Yet we do not abandon on until we our questions completely answered get give we not.
We want showed whether it gave ever an attitude of the corresponding possible involved countries (Germany, Austria and Italy)?? - We want to know passed are why 66 years and represented becomes by no (also institutional thought) information, or a corresponding document. So as if one that never aware have wanted! !!!! - We want to know who the commander the mountains corps xxx and xxx, or division xxx, for before and after that day the troop movements took place, in the region above-mentioned??

(According to statements div. European institutions)) this also our criterion is for the further. -In the end also labor forces were destroyed under that! !!!!!! With regard to its, suffers the survival still 66 years after that. A compulsion was to be longed it after foreign countries. Around otherwise does not live more than 2/3 of the Ladorishtaren abroad. Therefore we, who to be us fourth generation of the massacred all offices (messages, story clerks, experts transeuropean) up to highest EU -plain relating to this helpful, ask, for in the end it to is learned legitimately the truth!!!!

Best thanks to youth organization of village Ladorisht


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